Shook Me All Night Long

“Why doesn’t it say on Craigslist if the apartment’s earthquake friendly??” M and I have recently been talking about our upcoming move from New York to San Francisco. My concerns mainly revolve around the availability of certain ethnic cuisines (“Can you ask Will about Indian food? Oh, and Japanese? What’s the Korean situation like?”), but […] . . . → Read More: Shook Me All Night Long

BuildingLink: The Silent War

A New Resident Posting has been added to the Bulletin Board section of [my apartment building]’s website: Title: In response to the post-its left on our door  Dear Anonymous Poster, Apologies for the delayed response to your post-it notes, but we were unable to procure the appropriate medium (post-it notes) to continue the correspondence. While we […] . . . → Read More: BuildingLink: The Silent War

New York Botanical Garden

On Wednesday, we took a trip up to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. The annual orchid show is up and running, this year’s theme being “On Broadway.” Sally Leone, Editorial Director at the NYBG, was kind enough to give us a tour around the Haupt Conservatory, which houses the orchid show as well […] . . . → Read More: New York Botanical Garden

Hustle and Flow

There’s a rhythm to the morning commute in Manhattan. You either feel the beat or you don’t, and on the days when you’re out of step, you know it; you skirt around a tall man in an overcoat only to narrowly dodge the shorter delivery guy that’s following closely in his wake. If you’re really […] . . . → Read More: Hustle and Flow