I’m a Creative Project Manager who is passionate about helping designers and developers ship their very best work. I lead projects from initial briefing to launch day and beyond, with direct responsibility for day-to-day management of process and workflow. I’ve overseen dot coms, digital experiences and a home screen’s worth of apps and I’d love to work with you.

Areas of Expertise


Sprint Planning

Resource Management

Cost Tracking

QA Reporting

Recent Projects


A dot com for a major fashion brand.

An innovative location-based app.

A web-based internal sales tool for real estate.

A campaign site for a Swedish clothing brand.

Project Management Philosophy


I don’t have one — by which I mean, I am concerned with the success of the project and the team, not with the use of a particular workflow to get there. I work with stakeholders to design a process that makes sense for the organization and supports its goals and constantly check in to see how it’s performing.